6 High-Impact Tactics To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral


More social media networks are embracing the trend of short-form videos to keep their users entertained. Instagram Reels is leading among the platforms with high daily users. The video length can be up to 90 seconds, and you can even shoot them on a smartphone. The main advantage of Reels is that even a person who is not an expert in videography can also make videos. 

Instagram has various built-in editing tools to make your content more attractive. This makes the platform more user-friendly and attracts many people to use it. People who want to show their skills can leverage Reels and go viral overnight. But, due to heavy competition, you need an efficient strategy to get noticed on Instagram among others. This blog post will offer some impactful techniques for receiving more organic engagement on your Instagram content. 

6 High-Impact Reels Tactics To Go Viral

1. Make Attractive Content

As a video-sharing feature, visuals are the key factor in Instagram Reels. You should create high-quality and attention-grabbing videos to entice the viewers. Nowadays, people’s attention span is very low, making them scroll past most of the content. 

Crafting a fascinating Reel is vital to stop the audience from scrolling through your video. This will lead the users to like and share your videos with others. Also, the Instagram algorithm pushes Reels with a high engagement rate to more users and features them on the Explore page.

2. Include Reels Hashtags

Hashtags are the primary element to boost discoverability and get noticed on the platform. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in your videos. They make your Reels more discoverable on the search results, helping to reach a wider audience. Ensure you use only relevant hashtags in your content to attract the targeted users. 

You can include product, topic, or niche-specific hashtags to increase the content’s visibility. Find the hashtags your targeted people use to watch the videos and add them to your Reels. Look for popular and trending hashtags in the Instagram search section to utilize them. 

The Instagram algorithm categorizes your videos based on hashtags and promotes them to people who are interested in the topic. This helps to keep your Instagram Reels views count up and achieve huge fame. 

3. Leverage Trending Audio

Audios and music is an effective tool to make your content more appealing to the viewers. It boosts the excitement and adds fresh energy to your Instagram Reels. You can make your audience feel the emotions you want to convey in the video through music. It describes the tone and mood of the content to your targeted viewers. 

By utilizing popular soundtracks, you can reach users already engaged with the audio. Additionally, it enables the algorithm to recommend your Reels to users who will be interested in that specific music. Consequently, it increases your chances of gaining new followers on Instagram. 

4. Enhance The Quality

Producing high-quality videos is essential to captivate the viewers on Instagram Reels. Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the visuals of your videos. Shoot your Reels in natural light for good lighting, making your content clearer. Edit and cut out the background noises to ensure your music or voice is audible. 

You can use Instagram’s built-in tools like stickers and filters to gain Instagram Reels views from new audiences and make your content more interesting. Use an attractive cover photo to prevent the users from scrolling your videos.

5. Create Videos Consistently

If you want to get famous on social media, you need to post content consistently. By creating videos frequently, you can get diverse views on your Instagram Reels video and gain enormous success. It helps you stay in your audience’s mind long and make your profile more memorable. 

Make a posting calendar and schedule your posts to maintain consistency. Leverage various scheduling tools to expand your reach and skyrocket your engagement on the platform.

6. Track And Analyze Your Competitors

You should track and check your competitors’ content to gain a competitive edge on Instagram. This enables you to improvise your Reels content strategy and make your content trend on Instagram

By keeping an eye on them, you can know what type of videos they are making and how they are gaining engagement. Watch their videos and note their tactics for getting more viewers on the platform.


Instagram algorithm notices the interactions and engagement on your content to feature them on the Explore page. Getting featured helps you reach a wider audience and make your content viral on the platform. Create compelling Reels and maintain good lighting throughout the video. Make sure to use relevant and trending audio that fits your content theme. 

Harness hashtags effectively to take your videos in front of the target audience. Consequently, it helps you to gain many new followers and boost your fame on Instagram. Analyze your competitor’s content to understand their marketing strategies and leverage them for your brand promotion. With consistent efforts and tactics mentioned in the article, you can become a viral sensation on Instagram Reels. 

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